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    Organizing a brainstorming session? We'll make sure you have snacks and drinks to keep the creativity flowing. Hosting clients or business partners? We'll deliver a spread that's sure to impress! Putting together a last-minute working lunch? Rest easy--we'll provide the fuel to keep your engines running. No matter the size of your group or complexity of your menu, we are ready to assist you with any catering need.

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  • Lazara Herrera

    North Cafe Production Manager

    Office: 305-237-1246
    Cell: 786-575-5746

  • ​Ada Hernandez


    Cell: 786-374-9170

    Office: 305-237-2119


  • ​Sara Lenhardt

    Koffee House Manager


  • ​Homestead Team

  • ​Sofia Coz

    North Cafe Manager

    Office: 305-237-1246

    Cell:  786-359-1591